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Dr Wu's courses in 2014!

Prof. WU Bin Jiang TCM teaching at Budapest this year is from the 19th - of august to the 27th of august.

Teaching for Whom? For Everybody!

For Everybody, and not only for Practitioners.
For Everybody who are curious and openminded enough to study.
For Everybody who are interested in keeping or restoring their own health and
their family’s health.


Precognitions of Participation:

As Prof. WU’s Courses are intended for taking part of the widest possible range of
people who may have not got any previous experiences both of TCM or Modern
Western medicine so there is not any preconditions for taking part on our Courses.
Although our Courses are held for any newcomers but these Courses are in the
same time suitable enough to teach new, important and profound knowledge for
most skilled and proficient practitioners too!

For more information look at the attachement, and the "Dr Wu's courses" menu!